MediCorp expands and opens the Australasian branch of MediCorp Global PTY Ltd in Sydney

MediCorp Global SRL is established in Cluj, Romania as its European hub.

Moved from FES Camp North Rumaila to ABC Camp, Burjesia, Basra

ISO9001:2015 certified

MediCorp Gulf Medical Clinic opened in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Medicorp established a clinical laboratory in Camp Cropper in order to perform advanced blood-screening tests. To meet client demands the list of services were expanded.

An Emergency Room was established to service an ever increasing number of 100+ patients a day.

Medicorp started kicked off its operations in Iraq in the US military camp, providing medical supplies and staffing, chemicals etc to a variety of international subcontractors

Moved to FES Camp North Rumaila

Multi-million dollar medical care contracts awarded for the supply of medical staff on-site in Iraq for various global sectors incl aerospace and defence, chemical manufacturing, energy, military and construction

MediCorp is established in the Middle East. The core business provided expertise and consultancy for the infection control departments in the hospitals, as well as medicals supplies for the pharmaceutical industry, government and private  hospitals.